Dr Kyle Flanigan, USSF with Garry Morefield of VaxForm in new facility

Bringing a Covid-19 Vaccine to the Rest of the World

The first vaccines are here at last, but getting them to the people that need them most is a monumental challenge. The vaccination process has begun and people in urban areas are starting to get access but what about the remote areas of the world with no refrigeration or medical staff?

US Specialty Formulations is addressing this with an oral Covid-19 vaccine that needs no refrigeration. Safe, effective and easy to administer, oral vaccines can be taken orally in liquid or pill form. Stay tuned for upcoming clinical trials and FDA approval.

Patient receiving wellness injection

Specialty Pharmaceuticals for Sterile and Non-Sterile Presentations

USSF provides materials and services for:

  • Clinical Materials (Investigational New Drugs)
  • Pre-clinical materials
  • Stability programs
  • Private label formulations and packaging
  • Formulation development and scale-up